Lines Of Urban Wear From Several Iconic Celebrities

Urban Wear

With their iconic stature, it is not surprising that many Hollywood celebrities now dabble into the urban wear and fashion industry. They intend to offer fashionable and unique fashion lines not just to their fans but also to other people who want to invest in fashionable clothes and accessories. When it comes to urban fashion clothing, three celebrities who are icons in their own rights are able to successfully roll out long-term collections. They are Beyonce, Jay Z, and Nelly.

House of Dereon by Beyonce

The fashion industry perceives that Beyonce is truly destined to create and market her very own fashion line. She is now an all-around entertainment figure and an ultimate fashion icon at the same time. It was in September 2004 when she established the House of Dereon through the help of Tina Knowles, her mother. Since the fashion lines launch it has been a huge fashion hit.

House of Dereon has been striving to be uniquely fashionable in its own ways. It combines elements like ruffles and denims, somehow merging hip hop trends with glamour and elegance. Logically, the fashion line also carries its own set of ultra fashionable accessories, including shoes and handbags. House of Dereon is continuously finding unique ways of combining patterns, lively colors, and fabrics to create a standout, polished look of fashionable maturity.

The mix of outfits ranges from party clothes to business-appropriate apparel. It includes everything in between, of course. House of Dereon exudes an overall classy look and a unique appeal. It pleasantly combines popular trends and fashion culture like no other urban wear line could.

RocaWear by Jay Z

Popular hip hop rapper Jay established his own clothing line for men with the help of partner and fellow music artist Damon Dash. RocaWear covers different fashion areas by designing and producing clothing not just for men but also for women, girls, juniors, and boys. The fashion line sells clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, perfumes, and everything in between.

RocaWear has been on the fashion scene following its launch in the late 1990s. As an exclusive brand, it has stood out and logically kept its loyal customers who have always supported the fashion line on a regular basis. RocaWear has been topping the urban fashion market since its debut. It continues to stay on top by consistently coming out with new fashion offers.

Apple Bottoms by Nelly

No less than Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks have publicly displayed their admiration for Apple Bottoms, the fashion-forward line by music artist Nelly. Thus, the line is considered as among the most versatile urban fashion brands. It produces a broadening range of items from apparel to bathing suits, to accessories and fragrances.

Apple Bottoms was created by Nelly with the goal to come up with a unique fashion brand that targets women in all sizes. It focuses more on curvaceous women. Since its establishment in 2003, Apple Bottoms has been traveling a clear success path across the urban fashion industry.

What do these three icons have in common? They are all platinum record-selling artists who have a strong following in the music and entertainment industry. Indeed, the types of urban wear and fashion accessories they design, launch, and sell could be directly associated with their own personalities. Beyonce, Jay Z, and Nelly could be considered as brands themselves and they choose to carry their own lines of clothing as well.

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