Top Popular Brands For Women’s Urban Wear

Urban Wear

When it comes to clothing, women choose only the right clothing type that matches their attitude and taste. They are very meticulous and mindful. Thus, for female urban wear, the demand is usually sensitive to brand and hottest fashion trends. However, many women find it hard to find and buy the right brand for them. That is why fashion experts in urban fashion advise women to consider the top and most popular brands instead if they want to make sure they are always choosing and wearing the best and the hottest apparel. Here are the most in-demand urban fashion brands specifically for women.

Apple Bottoms

It may be odd that this brand is founded and owned by men (rap superstar Nelly and his cousin Ian Kelly). However, for quite some time now, Apple Bottoms has already made its own mark in womens urban fashion wear. It is currently one of the very few brands for women that offer fashionable plus-sized clothing. The brand is very much in line with its owners belief that women must not fit clothes; instead, it must be the clothes that should fit them.

Apple Bottoms was an exclusive denim label when it was launched. Since then, it has gone though major line expansions. It currently designs, manufactures, and markets footwear, eyewear, accessories, intimates, and handbags on top of urban wear items.


Lei is a popular clothing brand exclusive for women. The clothing lines in the brand are intended to provide girls with fashion items and accessories that would make them feel and look more feminine for their age. The jeans collections include junior pants and tops like sweaters, hoodies, and blouses.

Aside from the jeans collections, the brand is also offering oversized or plus-sized clothing lines, which include tops and bottoms. Other than young girls, Lei is also becoming a popular urban wear brand for female teenagers who find it hard to find and buy urban fashion apparels that are best suited for them.

House of Dereon

This is an urban clothing line founded by pop superstar Beyonce Knowles. House of Dereon is unique not just because it is owned and operated by a contemporary entertainment icon. It is outstanding because the concepts and styles used in all their products are inspired by three generations of women in Beyonces family. The name Dereon is actually a tribute to her grandmother, Agnez Dereon.

House of Dereon has become popular as an urban wear brand for women because of its specialty and ability to show what true women possess to be showed off and boasted to the world. The clothes in the brand are all designed to accentuate natural feminine curves and to enhance the way women usually wear clothes. Together with sister Solange, Beyonce recently expanded House of Dereon through launching junior line Deron, which is logically targeting younger women, teens, and girls. The new line is also more reasonably priced when compared to the brands other fashion lines for women.

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