Urban Fashion For Men

Urban Wear

Urban fashion began from the hip hop artists with their baggy pants, sneakers, bling bling and African cultural influences. But today, urban wear has gone up from its rather shabby and limiting beginnings to a more mature and sophisticated style today. There are a number of urban wear styles that people can choose from. There’s no wrong and right style here. Everything depends on personality and individual preferences. But urban fashion for men always boils down to having clothes are are hip or stylish, durable and very comfortable.

Unless the event is a black tie one, men urban wear more often than not includes denims. The word denims in urban vernacular do not mean jeans alone but already includes a wide array of clothing like jackets and even the more casual pants. The important element of urban wear lifestyle is to imbibe your personality in the clothes you wear. Maintain a nice hairstyle and always keep a good pair of shoes handy.

It is also fashionable for en to have the right accessories for their clothes. Belts, wallets, bags, briefcase, cufflinks, hats, handkerchief, scarf and even the right perfume are some of the most basic accessories that men should care about. However, do not be swayed by celebrity wardrobes but stick to the things that you want and feel comfortable wearing. Nonetheless, you have the luxury to choose from men bracelets, earrings, pendants and chains in today’s men’s accessory area of shopping malls.

Urban fashion also means incorporating ethnic influences like sherwanis and kurtas. Cultural heritage influences are part of the uniqueness of urban fashion style. In the 1990s, African cultural influences were so strong that hip-hop artists began wearing customized clothes that shows obvious design similarities from African clothes like baggy pants and the use of bright African colors in their clothes.

Latest urban wear fashion news, however, indicates that leather jacket will continue to be the trend among the urban men. Similarly, tracksuits are seen to make a comeback and winter will bring the multi-colored thermal clothing. Not only colors but shirts with funny messages are becoming popular again for the urban dwellers. Vintage fashion is also making a comeback as an urban fashion style. And for the office, men clothing includes the usual formal office attire, casual clothing like cargo pants, jeans and comfortable shorts for the spring and summer season and stylish sweaters, pullovers during winter.

But just as when urban fashion began, the hip-hop clothing line will never disappear from the urban fashion landscape. Men who wish to make a fashion statement can do so by wearing hip-hop influenced wardrobes. The typical urban men will have a choice of a variety of scarves, blazers and slacks in a wide range of colors, patterns and designs.

Urban fashion for men is not a simple product line but rather a sophisticated clothing setup that fits every urban situation like street wear, office environment or casual events and every imaginable season. The clothes, of course, vary from city to city but all the same include the urban fashion elements of functionality, aesthetics and individuality.

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