Urban Wear More Than Just Fashion

Urban Wear

Urban wear is more than just fashion and clothes, over time it has become personal statement. The person who is wearing it is stating their individuality. Before urban wear was only associated to hip hop artists. Now, not only hip hop artists are donning on the colourful style, it has become a worldwide fashion trend.

As mentioned, urban wear signifies the individuality of the person wearing it since they could individualized their style and make it stand out. With urban wear undergoing changes, it has become a hit not only to teens or young adults. It is also garnering appeal from higher age groups. It is also starting to transcend socio-economic classes. Hip hop artists, influential and public people can be seen wearing this style from time to time.

What makes it appealing is the variety. There are different clothing styles to choose from like t-shirts, jeans, shorts, Capri and cargo pants, and hoodies. These styles could stand out it the crowd weather it is because of their contradicting styles, colors, graphics, or messages. An evidence of the growing market would be the many and different urban clothing brands in stores and in peoples cabinets.

It has developed so much that these people already have their own sub-culture. Clothing designs and style reflect the mannerisms, way of talking and even walking of those people who wear urban clothing. But this sub-culture has been accepted and became part of American society, and even the world.

However, the biggest critic on urban clothing is how pricey it could be. There are several hip hop artists who are insistent on wearing inexpensive urban clothing and accessories as their statement against materialism. Urban clothing and hip hop is not about the clothes and jewelries you wear, but the attitude that you wear.

With the popularization and mainstreaming of urban clothing and hip hop, there are numerous stores, whether on-ground or online that are offering various options for urban styles. There are some urban clothing followers who may not be into bright colors, baggy pants or loud accessories. But these people are able to mix urban clothing with their traditional styles, creating another genre of fashion.

Urban clothing followers have developed great sense of style since they were able to mix traditional and urban wear together. They are becoming adventurous is exploring fashion and breaking rules to express themselves. It can be a miss or hit for different people, but the fact that they were able to assert their individuality is truly courageous.

Fashion designers are already paying attention to this sub-culture and starting to capitalize on it. Urban clothing designers would build a close relationship to street consciousness, identifying what urban wearers want. After all, fashion trends would always pick up what is hip and in demand on the street.

Currently, urban clothing designers are addressing or shifting their attention to young and street savvy generation or urban fashion customers. Some would refer to urban wear as contemporary or metropolitan style. But whatever name it would be, the style, the persons individuality and the statement that they would like to make would still stand out. Colors can change but the soul could not.

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